Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No More Castle Sauce

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Boar and Castle Sauce just might be North Carolina's best-kept secret. This all-purpose steak sauce and table sauce was born in the Boar and Castle Restaurant, a venerable old dining establishment that operated in Greensboro from 1929 to 1980. Housed in a castle-shaped building with gables, "The Castle" (as it was fondly called by locals) was a popular gathering place for college kids and teens, as well as hungry families looking for hearty fare. The Boar and Castle was famous for its signature Castleburgers smothered in Boar and Castle Sauce, and friendly carhops providing parking lot service before drive-through windows were invented. Although the restaurant has long since closed its doors, folks in Greensboro and the surrounding area can still find Boar and Castle Sauce at local stores, but the tasty sauce has been virtually impossible to find outside of the Triad area of NC until now. One taste of this thick, rich steak sauce and you'll be transported back to a bygone era. The mustard-tomato base is spiked with just a hint of peppery zip, a touch of tamarind tang, and the pungent essence of anchovies to create a complex, savory sauce that enhances steaks, hamburgers, roasts, meatloaf, hot dogs, onion rings and french fries. Boar and Castle Sauce also adds great flavor to gravies, soups, stews, poultry, seafood and vegetable dishes. This sauce has stood the test of time, and is so good you'll want to keep a bottle by your stove as well as on your dining room table!

No nutritional information on label.

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LeeCaviness said...

Larry, thanks for the ''blog'' and site. Looking good... wonder where you got those great pictures??? :-)

Good story on Vick S. He was a neighbor of mine, and we used to hang together some, too. The story was very fitting and appropriate for Vicky (as I always called him)... too bad he is not longer with us, and one of those ''hot cars'' was what did it at a way too young of an age.

Wish we could recreate the old ''CASTLE'', but I am afraid that could not be done, and I wonder how well it would go over today. Well, we still have the memories, and you are helping to keep those alive. My cousins who moved away 50 years ago now (they are in some of the circa 1958 photos), when they would come for a visit, had to go to The Castle. We can not do that any more, and have not been able to for a long time, and now, I can not even take them Castle Sauce. OH WELL...

Keep this thing going, and let's read some more good tales of The Castle.